Knock off that stubborn belly fat faster with fish oil

According to a research by Kyoto University, fish oil helps burn belly fat faster than any other fat-burning pill.

What is Fish oil?

Fish oils come from the tissue of fatty fish (also known as oily fish) such as trout, mackerel, tuna, cod, sardines, and salmon.

Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are otherwise not produced by the body on its own.

Knock off that stubborn belly fat faster with fish oil

How does Fish Oil benefit?

The fact is that high levels of triglycerides lead to high blood pressure, heart disease & strokes. Fish oil helps to lower these triglycerides in the blood.

There are numerous reasons as to how fish oil when consumed correctly can help burn the belly fat faster from your body.

  • It builds adequate lipids in our cells, which in turn improves the activity of insulin levels in the body.
  • It is a boost to the metabolism. And having a better insulin sensitivity in the body helps in weight loss and fat cut down.
  • It is anti-inflammatory, which eliminates the inflammation that takes place in our system causing muscle loss and tissue loss.

It is stated that our body functions better in the alkaline state than that of an acidic state.

Natural Burning of fat

Fat is not just stored in the fat tissues of the body, but also in the ‘white’ cells to supply energy. The ‘brown’ cells metabolise fat to maintain a stable body temperature. These brown cells reduce in number with the growing age.

There is a third type of fat cell ‘beige’ cells that has recently been found in humans and mice, which again reduce in number as we enter our 30’s. Without these metabolising cells, fat doesn’t get used and continues accumulating for decades. And hence, the burning of fat in our body is reduced at a considerable rate no matter how much we exercise.

After experimenting on mice, it was concluded that with fish oil, certain fat storage cells acquired the ability to mobilise. Therefore, fish oil leads to efficient weight loss in overweight or obese people in their 30s and 40s.

Build strength by cutting fat

  • When a person wants to lose weight, fish oil is an excellent source of supplement to melt that fat in a right way. One needs to know the correct dosage of consumption of this wonder. Detoxification, improved cellular health, building of muscle, and a balance in the insulin levels make the body feel leaner and fitter than before.
  • Unlike weight loss supplements, your overall health will benefit from fish oil.

Fish oil helps in decreasing your appetite. A small trick you can apply if you plan to keep yourself trim and slim.

Research says that taking 2-3 grams of fish oil help you lose about 2 pounds a month.

It doesn’t end here

Other benefits from fish oil are that it helps people with prostate cancer, post-natal depression, Alzheimer’s disease, vision loss.

Now you know why food from Japan and the Mediterranean contribute to longevity!

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