How to get Free Mobile Recharge

It is said that all good things in life are Free! Mobile recharges are definitely one of them. Without mobiles there will be hardly any communication and powering the communications are mobile recharges. If you are one of those, who are constantly talking over the phone but are weary of the cost of recharges, try these great sources to get free mobile recharge.


FreeCharge is an online virtual wallet which can be conveniently used for making recharging, mobile payments, and various other bill payments. It is simple to use and combine a high-security level for transactions. The platform does not charge the user for transactions and the users are given a plethora of offers from different vendors like McDonalds, Ola Cabs, and others, of the recharge amount. What even more amazing is it gives users free credit balance while signing up and later on while doing transactions using promo codes. The credit can be used to do Free Mobile Recharge.

FreeCharge to get Free Mobile Recharge


Paytm is one of the largest mobile commerce platforms which apart from the convenience of shopping, let users do recharges and bill payments through its platform. Much like FreeCharge, Paytm gives free credit balance on signing up which can be used for doing Free Mobile Recharge. It also gives users the convenience of cash back while doing recharges and by shopping through their platform. The cash back or credit balance can be used by users for doing other transactions on the platform.

Paytm to get Free Mobile Recharge


FreeTalkie is a new premium mobile recharge platform in India. The website offers a host of attractive discounts and offers while doing a mobile recharge and it supports all major telecom operators. The website gives balance for doing Free Mobile Recharge when a user opens a free account with them for the first time. While this website does not let users do online shopping, but it lets users choose the best recharge option and give attractive offers accordingly.

Free Talkie to get Free Mobile Recharge


Laaptu is a unique and innovative platform where the users can join for free and can take in different games and quizzes hosted on the website. In the process users earns Free Mobile Recharges. Opening a user account lets users fill their online wallet by playing various games like Math Quiz, Fun Quiz etc. or by inviting friends to join the platform. Once a user has INR 10 in their wallet, they can get a Free Mobile Recharge.

Laaptu to get Free Mobile Recharge


As the name suggest, EasyLaxmi is one of India’s leading online money making platform where every Indian is invited to join for free. A user only needs to have a computer and an internet connection to start earning here. There are various simple tasks like signing in every day, checking the mailboxes and refereeing friends to the platform, which when completed give Free Mobile Recharge to users. Once a user accumulates INR 20, in their online wallet, it can be redeemed for a Free Mobile Recharge.

EasyLaxmi to get Free Mobile Recharge

So there you go! This is how to get free mobile recharges from various platforms. Try out all these free platforms and stop worrying about costly mobile recharges.

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