Harmful effects of excess sugar intake!

Salt and sugar are for adding taste to the food. If taken in excess sugar can cause harmful effects for health. Restricting sugar is not simply restricting sweets. Those who are addicted to sugar will add more sugar in their tea, coffee, milk, etc. These are also harmful to health. Here are some harmful effects of excess sugar intake!

These harmful effects of excess sugar intake are given by the Nutritionist Simran Saini, Fortis Hospital.

excess sugar

Daily intake quantity of sugar
6 Teaspoons of sugar for women and 9 teaspoons of sugar for men are recommended.

Avoid soft drinks
Many do not the amount of sugar that they consume. Most of the people have the habit of taking soft drinks. But the small bottle has about 7 teaspoons of sugar and the big bottles have more than 44 teaspoons of sugar. Hence completely avoid taking the soft drinks.

Sweets that should be avoided
Chocolate, pastries, fast foods, ice cream, packaged fruit juices, soup, alcoholic drinks, etc. Nobody can calculate the amount of sugar in the alcoholic drinks! All these items have only empty calories and no other nutrients that are good for health.

Excess sugar
Excess sugar consumption may lead to obesity, tooth decay, diabetes, and other metabolism related diseases like high blood cholesterol, problem in insulin secretion and high blood pressure.

Alternative for sugar
For getting the taste of sugar you can make use of honey, sugar-free, etc. without any harm.

After knowing the harmful effects of excess sugar intake everyone need to look for some alternatives for healthy being!

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