7 salty foods you must NEVER have!

Salt will add taste to the food. Consuming the salt rich food continuously will lead to dangerous health problems. Here are the 7 salty foods you must NEVER have!

Taking these salty foods for long time and on high quantities will lead to high blood pressure and strokes. It can cause other heart problems.

An individual can take a maximum of 1500mg of sodium i.e. ¾ spoon of salt a day. With the usage of all the junk foods and packaged and preserved foods, on an average we consume 3400mg of salt per day!

Junk foods and packaged and preserved foods are a must avoid foods.

salty foods

Bread rolls
Consuming bread daily along with other foods will contribute more of salt to your body.

Frozen meats
Nowadays the meat is in sale in super markets by deep freezing. Slowly people have moved towards these frozen and preserved meats instead of fresh meats from markets. These frozen meats have 1050mg. of sodium.

People who are working in It companies are consuming pizzas almost every day. A single piece of pizza has about 760mg. of sodium. Just imagine how much of sodium you consume every day!

Soups that you buy from shops have approximately 940mg. of sodium. Avoid or minimize the intake of soups from shops.

Sandwich has bread, meat, cheese, etc. hence cannot imagine the amount of sodium in it! Avoid over consumption of sandwich.

Many have the habit of taking chips while watching TV and even on work. Chips has a lot sodium in it. Avoid taking chips.

Noodles are one of the fast foods that are highly consumed. It has a lot of sodium and unhealthy aginomoto. It is a must avoid food!

Take away these 7 salty foods you must NEVER have! from your menu.

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